What you should know about Gen Z?

Generation Z is the generation of individuals born from 1997 to 2012, which means they’re now entering the workforce. They encompasses around 32% of the world’s population. Generation Z prioritizes meaningful work.

Gen Z is intensely passionate about professional development, with 40% of Gen Zers willing to accept a pay cut of 5% for a better chance at career growth.

How do Gen Zers look for jobs?

The first step when hiring Gen Z is to be aware of how they look for jobs. Generation Z has a strong connection to people, trusting referrals from friends and acquaintances over more traditional job-hunting methods such as job boards and career centers.

According to testgorilla.com the top ways Gen Z prefers to find jobs are:

  • 93% prioritize referrals
  • 68% use job boards
  • 11% rely on company websites
  • 55% prefer career centers
  • 51.14% attend hiring events