How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Looking for a job is not easy for employee and employer. Fortunately, recruiting agencies have the ability to make the entire hiring process significantly easier. Employment agencies are something that we can meet more and more often.

Verify your employment agency – employment agency certificate

In order to operate in Poland, employment agencies must be entered into the Register of Employment Agencies. Agencies are entered into the register by the Province Marshal having jurisdiction over their registered offices. The Province Marshal issues a certificate of entry into the register, authorising the entity to provide the services selected.

Keep in mind that employment agencies cannot charge fees from persons for whom they seeks employment or other paid work or whom they assist in selecting the appropriate occupation and place of employment, except for amounts due to employment agencies for the costs actually incurred in connection with referral to work abroad for travel abroad and back by the referred person, medical examinations, the translation of documents and the issue of a visa.

Why should you work with a recruitment agency?

There are a host of reasons your company should turn to a recruitment agency for your hiring efforts, but there are two specific areas that stand out.

  1. Access to better talent
    Recruitment agencies have  access to larger talent networks.
    Unlike most employers who only have access to LinkedIn, we lean on multiple sources—including our own platforms. We aren’t be afraid to headhunt for the best candidates either. We successfully top passive talent from other companies.
  2. Save time and money
    When you handle hiring internally, you can lose time and money on multiple fronts. Even when you hand off hiring duties to another employee, you’re now paying that employee to find your next hire.